It’s the final countdown. With just a few days to go till the New Year, I like to take time to be still and reflect.  In the midst of all the end of year glamour have a moment to breathe and honour how far you’ve come, it’s incredibly important.

    We often march into the New Year without a thorough understanding of what we experienced in the previous one. While going through the motions of 2018 it might have been hard to gauge just how much progress you were making!The beauty of reflection is that you might just surprise yourself.

    Perhaps were you more assertivate at work, kinder to yourself, set boundaries in your relationships, diligently followed a skincare routine, or drank more water. These are just some of things that might have shifted for you.

    Before you create a never ending list of resolutions for 2019, do your due diligence in dissecting 2018. Celebrate all the milestones; in spite of how small they seem. Do not fall into the trap of only focusing on tangible milestones, all your progress is worthy of celebrating

    Only you know what it took for you to get this far. Celebrate your journey before turning the page. Yes, there may have been moments you could have made better decisions. However, don’t dwell on that simply take the lessons from the school of life and apply them in 2019.

    So, look back to see how far you’ve come, but don’t stay there. There’s a new year on the horizon. If for whatever reason 2018 wasn’t what you expected it to be worry not, in a few days you’ll have a fresh start.

    It’s become very apparent as I get older that no one goes through the journey of life unscathed, but something so beautiful happens towards the end of the year. Our fragile bodies and mind begin to realise that’s it is possible to start again! 2019 is calling.


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