Women who wear black lead interesting lives

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    How’s everyone coping with heatwave?

    It’s a sunny and hot Thursday afternoon and I must say London is definitely on her best behaviour in terms of the weather.

    When the sun is shining and my Instagram feed is inundated with “summer esque”  images;  I feel somewhat obligated to wear bright colours. After all it only seems right when the weather is this glorious.

    Investing a bright summer wardrobe has been on my to do list. Most of new purchases feature polka dots, florals, and bright colours. However, Black has and will always be my favourite colour. It’s elegant, comfortable and classic. As Yohji Yammamoto so eloquently put it; “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious.” It’s amazing how one colour can convey so much.

    Despite my love affair with the colour of mystery why is my new summer wardrobe so void of my favourite colour? It got me thinking about the importance of being true to yourself.

    In an attempt to have the perfect summer wardrobe I forgot how much I loved dressing in all black. Haven’t we all done this at some point? We forget what we truly love in an attempt to evolve, then the process of change can starts feel contrived as opposed to organic growth.

    Yes, it’s great to try new things and there is nothing wrong with being inspired by others (in real life or instagram) but if we aren’t careful it’s easy to stray from your centre.

    While scrolling through Instagram don’t forget the goal is to appreciate, not duplicate the style of others. Learn from the best style influencers around but ultimately you must stay true yourself; this ethos can applied to every area of our lives. Simply reverting to my favourite colour palette has reminded me that we don’t have to do things like everyone else, and no matter the season literally or figuratively you should be yourself.

    Is there anything you’d love to start doing again?

    Also, let me know below if you think the all black look works in summer?



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