Typically, when I hear the phrase “got the blues” I think of melancholy and sadness this dress puts a new spin on that wouldn’t you say?

    Lately, I’ve been trying to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe; hence the sky blue dress teamed with patent red pumps.

    When the sun is shining and your dressed in uplifting colours it just feels like the perfect summer’s day. It should also come as no surprise that studies have shown that wearing colour can positively alter your mood.

    My new apporach to fashion is spilling over into my real life. Slowly but surely I’m becoming more cognizent of what I eat, my sleeping patterns and overall well being.

    Developing new lifestyle patterns has felt so rewarding. It makes you feel rejunivated and refreshed. Also it’s always great to feel like your becoming a newer and better version of yourself.

    The last two days I’ve steered cleared of technology for at least the first hour after I wake up and have dedicated that time to tucking into a book and getting tasks done. Who knew that making such a small changes could completely change your mindset for the day?

    The moral of the story is that small changes can bring a sense of newness to our lives, even if it’s just a new dress. The perfect way to beat feeling blue is to focus on cultivating new and healthy habits.

    Let me know if your taking any steps to spruce up your wardrobe and more importantly how you fight the “blues”.



    Cecila Wrap Dress
    GIANVITO ROSSI 105 patent-leather pumps

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