Some days are more profound than others. We might make huge strides in accomplishing our goals, put together a breath taking outfit, or embark on new experiences.

    However, the reality is that for most us our days are filled with seemingly mundane activity; the “causal” moments in life that might don’t make it onto instagram. Although we might be perfectly happy and content in these moments lest face it they largely go unnoticed.

    On casual days when your getting errands done or commuting you want to be stylish yet comfortable.

    I’m always hesitant to shoot on causal days, after all who doesn’t want to wear an outfit that makes impact on people’s timeline?

    The truth is fashion exists on a spectrum and should be celebrated and enjoyed no matter what approach you adopt on any given day; whether that’s full blown glamour or “casual” styling like jeans and a t-shirt.

    What’s your go to on casual days?


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