Recently I’ve been gravitating towards red, so I thought why not find out what this bold colour represents. Turns out it is often associated with passion, determination, power and of course love.

    Fashion is such a powerful tool, it can communicate so much about our personality. Words we would never utter can be spoken through our personal style. Even more interesting is that our colour choices, which we often give so little thought to, can have profound underlying meanings behind them. Did you know that wearing certain colours can elevate your mood?So if your having a gloomy not so pleasant day maybe stay away from black and go for bolder colours.

    Next time you get dressed or go shopping pay attention to your colour choices. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that they might reflect your state of mind at the time, personality, and character.

    Who knew a seemingly innocent fashion choice can be so profound!

    Let me know below what colours you’ve been loving lately.


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