Happy Monday lovelies!

    As we each week passes I like to take stock of the strides I’ve made towards achieving my personal goals; spiritually, physically, and mentally. Some weeks have been more productive than others but so far so good, this year has been filled with huge milestones and my life is shifting and moving in the direction.

    There is something that I’ve noticed on my journey and it should be probably go without saying but “consistency is key.” I know this phrase sounds incredibly familiar but do we take for granted just how true it is?


    Whenever I sit to ponder my dreams I often have to remind myself that things will manifest a lot quicker if I make a move. Aren’t we all guilty of this sometimes? The dreamer and planner in us kicks in and being pragmatic takes the back burner.

    Although it’s natural to experience ebbs and flows on the journey of self-improvement we must remember that nothing just happens. The reality is, being consistent is truly the only way to see the results we so deeply desire.

    The “trick” with being consistent is not to wait on huge bursts of energy and inspiration that propel you to attempt change your life over night. We’ve all experienced this sense of euphoria right? That fleeting sense of excitement when we promise ourselves that we’ll be different person come Monday, start a new diet and by Tuesday we’re over it.

    Focus on doing something each day that pushes you closer to your dreams. At first glance your task of the day might not seem profound, but remember larger goals are the results of taking much smaller actions.

    If you consistently do something each day that pushes you along your journey before you know it you will reach your destination! Keep in mind your journey is a marathon not a sprint, pace yourself and celebrate the huge and seemingly tiny milestones.

    Some days I get everything on my to do list done. Other days I simply celebrate that I opted to cook a meal rather than order in (cooking at home is more cost effective and healthier the long run). This sort of milestone would fall under the category of my wellness goals. If I do this consistently there will be profound benefits for my health and bank balance :).

    Ask yourself what’s my primary goal this week?”.Once you decipher what needs to be done, be consistent in taking steps, no matter how small to achieving that goal.

    Life is but a dream, but with consistent actions we can make our dreams, our reality!


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