So, the one day I decide to wear a dress it starts to rain. Ironic no? Nonetheless my determination in the first few days of Spring did not waver. Not only would I be “spring cleaning” my home and reassessing my goals for the year I would also dress like a new season had begun.

    I’ve always loved how a new season propels us to behave differently. Spring not only means that the weather is about get to warmer, it also signifies the opportunity to start afresh. Personally, I have got an extra dose of motivation to be the best version of myself in the upcoming months.

    New season, new mindset, new wardrobe. Right?


    When it comes to dresses I’ve always felt that wrap styles are best; they flatter the body and look good on most women. This polka dot beauty is from GANNI and was the first of hopefully many more purchases to rejuvenate my wardrobe for the new season.

    The juxtaposition of a questensially feminine dress and leather jacket always looks good to me. This Allsaints Balfern jacket is a staple on in my wardrobe, as it gets warmer it’s also the perfect choice for outerwear.

    Let me know if you have you invested in any key pieces for Spring?

    How does a new season is inspire you?





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