Happy Sunday everyone!

    Another week has come to a close and if your anything like me you will be taking stock of how the the past few days have been before charging into Monday.

    Am I proud of my accomplishments? Did I achieve any of my desired goals? These are the questions I usually ask myself while reflecting on a Sunday. However, today has been slightly different. My primary question has been did I focus on the meaningful as opposed to the seemingly urgent.

    Generally speaking we live fast paced lives. Everything seems urgent and has to get done now! We have to post at certain times on social media to gain traction for our content, we have deadlines at work which need to be met alongside starting our own business, oh and not to mention we need to be the best version of ourselves for our friends and family. We are constantly stimulated and forget to focus on things that centre us, slow us down and give us peace.

    The alternative to our often false sense of urgency is to be meaningful. Simply put being meaningful is making choices that are worthy our time. These choices are important and consequential actions that enrich our live in a deep and profound way.

    How can you tell if something is meaningful as opposed to urgent? Meaningful actions transcend the present moment; what is meaningful today will be meaningful even tomorrow and even in decades to come! Meaningful actions uplift us in a way that outward achievement can not.

    My meaningful choices consist of prayer, mindfulness, and journaling. Suffice it to say that embarking on any of these tasks requires discipline. You have to learn to say no, walk away from distractions and focus on being in tune with yourself. Also, it should go without saying that what each person considers meaningful will differ.

    Living in accordance with meaningfulness as opposed to urgency, gives you time to prioritise your wellness, relationships and you can invest in what you love without feeling frantic or burnt out. This week try to shift your mindset and focus on the meaningful and not what society tell you is “urgent”. Believe me it’s so worth it!

    Let me know what meaningful actions you take each week to enrich your lives? Here’s to a meaningful week.


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