Happy Monday everyone!

    It’s a new week which means a fresh start.

    A new week can be a daunting or exciting depending on your mindset and what type of weekend you had. Also, lets face it there’s something about the Sunday night blues which can make us feel quite anxious for the week ahead.

    My tips for getting through a new week; is simply to show up. We all love the idea of hitting the ground running and when that happens we feel so fulfilled. There’s something so rewarding about ticking items off your to do list and being the ultimate “girl boss.”

    However, the reality is if you had a rough night sleep, battle with the anxiety and are just generally not feeling 100%  hitting the ground running might not be feasible. Just remember to be kind to yourself and simply show up!


    Part of the ways I get through a new day is to think about my style. A blazer, denim and a pair of heels are my go to look for when I want to feel like a woman on a mission.

    We often forget that the “classics” are referred to as classics for a reason. Sometimes the most empowering outfits are quite simple. Dressing for success will mean different things to different people but the main thing is to remember that making that extra effort contributes to our overall wellbeing.

    There are 6 more days to go this week; so lets get up and show up. If you can find the extra energy to push yourself, great and if for whatever reason you can’t that’s fine too, let’s be kind to ourselves.

    Wishing you all a great week ahead. What are your tips for starting a new week?



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