We’ve all heard the phrase “quality not quantity.” The meaning of this statement become glaringly apparent while I was rummaging through my wardrobe and felt like I had nothing to wear.

    The truth is, I did have things to wear. Some people might even say I was spoilt for choice given how “full” my wardrobe was, but it wasn’t filled with quality options it was simply cluttered.

    All my fellow fashionistas will be all to familiar with the difficulty of putting a “look” together despite having a very full wardrobe! Our style evolves, bodies change and having a wardrobe filled with clothes that no longer fit, you’ve outgrown and don’t like is incredibly frustrating.

    Let’s face it, it’s better to have “fewer” options in your wardrobe of items you absolutely love and can not wait to style as opposed to clutter. As I’ve begun to streamline my wardrobe it’s become very clear that whoever came up with the phrase quality not quantity was really on to something. A wardrobe of quality items is all we really need to fulfill our style goals!

    If your not sure where to start on your quality vs. quantity journey I suggest you focus on the big three; denim, blouses and shoes.


    Denim is a staple in most women’s wardrobe and rightfully so. Dressed up or dressed down denim often comes to the “style rescue.” Rather than constantly buying “cheaper” jeans that become useless after one wash I focus on investing in quality denim that will last years!Yes, that’s right quality denim can last years.

    You’ll be surprised what having a good quality pair of black or blue jeans can do for you styling options. Not only does quality denim last longer it’s far more sense economically to make a one time splurge than having to buy the same pair of jeans over and over again because they won’t hold up!


    I love a good blouse! It’s getting warmer and having a good collection of blouses always comes in handy. T shirts are great but sometimes I like to opt for a “smarter” alternative. Blouses are great for elevating day time looks and work just as well for going out in the evening.

    Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to your tops. Just pay attention to fabric, texture, even colour and be sure to pick pieces that will last for a while. This way no matter the occasion you will always feel like you have something to wear.


    Shoes are my style weakness and have been for years. I can tell you this right now, if you can invest in quality heels do it. The Manolo Blahnik “Choas” sandals I am wearing in this look have been in my wardrobe for about 5 years. The quality of the shoes and craftsmanship are exisquite, they are a classic style and always come in handy when it starts getting warmer.

    It always feels good knowing that when the seasons change and I go shopping I won’t be starting from “scratch.” Having a few quality items in my wardrobe have made my life and styling options so much easier.

    When it comes to style; think quality not quantity. It’s also important to point out that quality doesn’t always equate to luxury brands. Wherever you find yourself shopping pay close attention to the items you purchase. Some pieces will only last a while and will serve you will over the summer, but some pieces can last forever.


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