Last week I had the sudden urge to “get away.” After days of feeling restless and slightly frustrated by my routine. I looked around my apartment and said to myself “I need a break”. 

    Who else has ever felt like this?You have so much to be thankful for and understand how blessed your are, yet your body is craving a switch up in routine; a different environment.

    Getting an early night, or settling down with a book won’t cut it. The weekend will fly by quickly (as per usual) and once Monday morning comes around it’s easy to feel we’ve pretty much done the same thing as last weekend!

    So, what are our options when a weekend indoors won’t cut it? Or the prospect of hitting the town with our friends seems draining? A staycation.


    Knowing fully well that London is an amazing city with many fabulous hotels to explore I booked myself a “staycation” at The Franklin hotel. Truth be told staycation’s have always seemed over indulgent too me. Surely, all you need to do is create a relaxing environment at home and pamper yourself? Well sadly it’s not that simple.

    There is huge difference between putting in the effort to cultivate ambience in your home and walking into an establishment that has done all the leg work for you from interiors, to lighting, and perhaps more importantly room service! I mean isn’t it great to not have to worry about meal prep , cooking and cleaning for a few days?

    Hotels are designed for us to escape reality, unwind and revel in the experience of being a guest; a person who is doted on with no real responsibilities other than to enjoy one’s self .

    The benefits of a staycation can not be overstated. I came back feeling refreshed and incredibly grateful for being to treat myself this way. The prospect of booking a holiday abroad isn’t always feasible at the last minute and can quickly become a stressful process.

    On the other hand A staycation means your not too far away from home, but your far enough to leave your worries behind and recharge. If your thinking about booking yourself a staycation, do it!

    Get away to come back rested, blissful and stronger.

    If your a fan of staycations let me know below? Also feel free to recommend London hotels to explore.



    1. February 8, 2019 / 8:33 pm

      Your staycation looks soo good.

      I always get the feeling that I want to just be alone at times, that’s for the great post once again ❤️

      • fransiscalifestyle
        February 11, 2019 / 4:31 pm

        Thank you! Alone time is so important, it’s a great way to recharge. Thank you for reading the post! x

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