After a brief Instagram hiatus it’s good to be back. As much as I love creating content and engaging which like minded people online taking time out is a necessity for me.

    Spending time on social media platforms is great, but I’ve come to the conclusion that my real life is far more important than cultivating an online presence.

    What have I learnt from my time away? That inner peace is priceless and comparison is the thief of joy.¬†Taking a step back can be daunting if your a blogger trying to grow your following, but trust me it’s so worth it. I am feeling refreshed and inspired.

    On my first day back shooting I was suited and booted in a red Zara suit. ¬†It feel good to be dressed like the quintessential “girl boss.” Admittedly this Cult Gaia bag is probably no stranger to your Instagram feed but it truly is the perfect arm candy for Spring.

    Let me know if you’ve ever had to take a social media hiatus and more importantly how it helped you?



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