The sun has been shining and our days getting longer, so it only seems right to wear some colour!

    If your anything like me and usually dressed in black, the idea of stepping out in brighter hues might seem daunting or just outright unappealing.

    In life and in fashion we tend to stick with what we know “works.” The idea of switching it up seems pointless when we know what routines work for us, what colours and style of clothing we like. The only problem with being so sure of what we like is that it makes us reluctant to discover and explore.

    Before buying this hot pink satin dress I went back and forth with myself. Is the colour to bright? Will it suit me? What do I wear it with? At first glance these questions seem sensible and a good way to avoid buyers remorse.

    However, when I dug deeper I started to realise that talking myself out of a dress might spill into my other life decisions. The truth is we’ll never know if that opportunity (or dress) will work out if we don’t try!

    So, if you are usually team “all black everything” don’t be afraid to switch it up. After all fashion is meant to be fun! Also don’t be afraid to take to this switch it up mentality into your life, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that the very thing you were reluctant to do will yield results you never knew you desired.

    Here’s to more pink, more colour & switching it up.

    Let me know how you plan on switching it up in your life and wardrobe.


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