La Dolce Far Niente translates to “the sweetness of doing nothing.” I first came across this Italian concept watching “Eat, Pray, Love.” I’d always believed there was beauty in doing “nothing.” However, having it described in Italian made doing nothing seem incredibly glamorous!

    Being busy has become some what of a status symbol in our society. If you are busy then you must be important. We wear our “busyness” with a badge of honour and constantly remind people how busy we are. Unfortunately, what we seem to forget is that being busy and being productive are not the same thing.

    We brag about our hectic schedules, our never ending to do lists and then in the next breath complain about being burnt out. Slighty ironic right? Many of us can’t begin to comprehend being “still” to take time for ourselves and revel in doing nothing.


    The first thing that comes to mind when we think of doing nothing is lounging around in pyjamas, stuffing our face in front of the television feeling lethargic. However, there is an “art” to doing nothing so that it feels like an enriching and glamorous experience rather than a slothful one.


    On the day you decide to nothing I suggest you pick your environment carefully. Will you be in your bedroom? Snuggled up on your sofa, or perhaps sat at your desk in your study? Wherever you find yourself make sure your environment is clean and tidy.

    In my experience it is a lot harder to relax when things are out place and untidy. So before you settle down for some “nothing” time tidy up. Love yourself enough to make sure that your moment of doing nothing does not take place in the midst of chaos.


    If your a candle fanatic like me, you know that fragrance can really set the mood. The art of doing nothing is all about elevating an otherwise “mundane” experience and making it elegant. Candles are visually pleasing, smell good, and are great for creating ambience. I’ve noticed that having a candle burning while I potter around my house really sets the mood.


    So, we’ve picked our location, set the mood with a candle what else do we need? An outfit. It might seem like a contradiction to get dressed to do nothing, but remember this is about pampering yourself in the most stylish way possible.

    I’ve started to become more thoughtful about loungewear. Even on days when I’m home by myself doing “nothing” making an effort makes me enjoy myself even more! Whether it’s your favourite slip dress, tracksuit bottoms and jumper be sure to make an effort. The art of doing nothing is an act of self love, so dress the part!

    Whilst seemingly doing nothing, remember you are in fact doing something. You are taking time for yourself to enjoy life! You might choose to have your favourite music playing in the background, listen to a podcast, read, or simply sit still in silence to hear yourself your think.

    In our fast paced society, we will all get to the point where we have to press the pause button. We put out best foot forward for everyone else and forget to extend some of that effort to ourselves. The art of doing nothing is not neglecting about responsibility, it’s about taking time out for ourselves to simply be and do …. nothing!

    Let me know your tips for the best and most stylish way to do “nothing.”


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