“Weekends are about replenishment and rejuvination.” – Neil Morrissey


    Happy Sunday everyone!Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend so far.

    I’m still winding down from the all the excitement of the Royal Wedding. Wasn’t Meghan Markle such a stunning bride? So poised and so elegant. The service was also so beautiful. Surprisingly enough I wasn’t wrapped up in the hype building up to the big day but it always nice to celebrate LOVE.

    This weekend has been so wonderful, to sum it up in one word ‘blissful”. I’ve always adhered to the quote that a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

    Of course, everyone’s idea of what makes a blissful weekend will vary from person to person but I thought I’d share my weekend bliss tips.


    If you’ve been following me on Instagram it will come as no surprise to learn that I am an avid tea drinker. We’ve all heard the quote that “tea is like a cup in a mug”¬†well believe me when I say it’s true.

    Detox tea, green teas, comforting brews like camomile; whatever floats your boat but investing in some delicious teas to enjoy while you read a book, listen to your favourite music or simply snuggling on the sofa will make your weekend so much more delightful.



    My home never feels complete without candles and fresh flowers. Currently, my candle collection varies in price point and I do not discriminate. Something about candlelight glistening on a coffee table genuinely brings me joy. Not to mention if your entertaining your guests will be blown away with delicious and inviting your home smells.




    The older I get the more concerned I am about loungewear. We all know that putting your best foot forward can really boost your confidence when your going to work, seeing friends for drinks or for a special date. So why do we forget to take the time out to dress up for ourselves in the comfort our home?

    Truth be told I do usually opt for comfy tracksuit bottoms when I have no plans. Comfort first right? However, my new style rule for the week weekend is; do it in style.

    90’s denim and white linen shirts makes me feel elegant and more put togetehr even if I’m lounging on the sofa. Throw on a pair of heels and your ready to hit the town in style.


    Let me know how you spent your weekend and what you’d describe as weekend bliss?

    Glass Cup & Saucer
    Glass Tea Pot





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